Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paige's special day...

My very beautiful baby girl  'Paige Red' is turning two in the up and coming weeks. She is quite a well rounded mischievous child, that I adore.

It got me thinking the other day while in the studio that I have never sat down and made Paige a special nappy all for herself, she always seems to end up with my 'second' nappies, which while they are discarded as not perfect, they are still special and she seems to love them all the same, but as a nappy maker mother I need to step up AND make her a perfect one!

So in the next few days I am making Paige her very own Bare Rumps keeps sake nappy.

Paige is not a overly "girly" girl.

In fact so much so that I bought her a beautiful princess dress - a powder pink, over the top number! She looked at it, and said to me 'NO, mummy'. I keep insisting with the dress every few days, but she is very adamant it is not the out fit for her, and fair enough (its insanely hideous).

So I think a 'Stitch' theme nappy for my daughter is PERFECT!!

How cute is he!?!

I cannot wait to see Paige rocking around on her B-Day with her new mate Stitch!

On the BR, HQ

Been busy with a few custom orders for Unstitched Embroidery this week, the studio has slowed down to a snail trail pace over this period while I get everything ready for the big birthday! By the end of the month there will be a few in house stock appearing via my website.

- Jerry Red x

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  1. It's a big day coming up isn't it?! Time flies so quickly. One month today 'til Tyler's 2nd Birthday, too...! I love the Stitch Nappy and I'm sure darling Paige will too :) x