Friday, August 26, 2011

Bamboo Velour!

I love bamboo velour! Even moreso, when its covered in bright colourful splashes! Makes the day just that bit lighter, especially when you are hanging out the washing on the line!

                                       Future Bare Rumps Nappies ^ > 

Bamboo Velour has fantastic anti-bacterial properties, plus it also has a wet feeling rather than a stay dry like micro-fleece and suede-cloth, which is great for the hotter months and toilet training the older toddlers . Don't like the bamboo velour wet feeling for younger bubs? Easy just pop down a fleece liner. All my future Bare Rumps Bamboo velour inner nappies will come with a free one.

I managed to get some stock photographed today, ready for me to scrap book up tonight, scrap-booking my images would have to be once of the best parts of my job, I spend hours positioning, picking backgrounds, I really do love it, just like I love creating  pretty and handsome nappies for a more sustainable future and more vibrant household.

See you all around lunch time Saturday Tasmanian time, I am hoping for 12:00 but can be a tad later, been having a pretty rough time getting my daughter to go for her lunch time nap at late. I have 6 nappies up for nabbing: 4 Medium boys, 2 Large girls, and one of the the girls is up for personal auction.

Jerry Red x

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