Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Red's B'day

In a few hours from now I would be feeling the first stormy waves of labour, that was to take me on a wild 24 hour journey with the birth of my daughter, two years to this day.

This photo is Paige half a hour ago flitting around in our bedroom opening a few early gifts. It's a busy and special time with us over the next few days!

We have made it this far... the sails are set high, lets go .... yippeeee! You .... off we sail, to a destination of...a open book, choose your own adventure.

You bring out the child in me, while I wrap my heart around you my wild small reflection of self.
Through sun sets and stormy waters I am always here for you my daughter, my friend... for life.


(I wrangled her in pink!) YES!! If you met Paige you would understand, she usually turns her nose up at the pink outfits I get her!

- Jerry Red x

1 comment:

  1. that outfit is totally amaze!
    have such a great day ladies, will be thinking of you both xxx