Sunday, September 25, 2011

BR turns the big ONE!


Happy Birthday Bare Rumps!

I can fairly say there would be over 250 odd Bare Rumps nappies on babies bums out there! Each nappy is over 3 hours work each (most of them are more like 5 to 7 each), we are looking at countless hours in the studio, I would not even want to count up the hours as I may just have a heart attack! The sewing coupled with design work, ordering supplies, office jobs, like bookwork, website, Digital scrapbooking, invoices, email replies, I have pretty much dedicated my life to this journey for the last year!

 As you may have noticed I like to do things 100%, no casual stroll to the finish line, I see a finish line, and thats my goal, I pretty much pull out the trainers and jog ( jog well if you can call it that, more like a fast pace walk like over on the Kath and Kims TV shows!) I guess my life has taught me that, obstacles can present themselves and try to push you down. Life is about strength, love, enjoying the moment, and not letting any one ruin them three simple pleasures. You simply get back up stronger than before, some people say that, I live it.

5 months of testing nappies before ever selling one nappy...
Making boosters I would like in a nappy (decent hours of use).
Combining my creative and practical side.
Sharing my journey and having heart.

I believe this is what has made Bare Rumps what it is today just one year one from her conception date (which is today!)

When something has heart, like I have for Bare Rumps, it blossoms without too much effort. I have shared my heart, my family, my excitement, and my strength through my blog over the last year. Looking back on my first entries, there is such a air of naivety, and in that alone it is infecting... Why? Because it is honest.

Paige is growing fast, and strong (2 years old) - she is a handful most days so I tend to unwind in the studio late at night. I now have her in day care 2 days a week, one to work in the studio, and the other to have 'me' time. I am busy working on this next stocking at the present time and have been making some popping boys nappies today!

Next year I have some exciting designs I have been working on and testing here at home. I look forward to  sharing them with you all in due time.

A massive shout out to Emma from Tiny Violet for all the help with the website and support as a friend and partner in crime- she is another amazing sole parent rocking her vibe. Thankyou to Abby, a local designer that fine tuned my logo, and a massive thankyou to Aviva, my best friend, for designing the ideas I pitched to her to come up with the very first basic of the logo.

Last of all ... Thank you YOU! Thank you for having faith in my creations and supporting my passion. Rocking the cloth!

Well thats a wrap, time for some champagne and blue cheese. I am awfully proud of my achievements this year - go me!

- Jerry Red x

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