Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sneaky peeky of the next stocking!

The winner is Courteney Dhnaram! Please shoot me an email via the “contact me” tab on my fan page for that exclusive password!

Thank you everyone that put their name down to be selected to receive the gift of first dibs on no more than two nappies. Wow! Quite an over whelming feeling knowing how many people put their name down! I wish I could duplicate myself a hundred times so I could make one for all of you!

Please sign up to my newsletter to be “in the know” of when this next batch is being released as this is how I let my fans know a approximate time that they will be going live. Don't worry - I never spam your email! I only share important news like stocking times.

Below are some images of what I have been working on the last week for the public stock. As you can see, the embroidery machine has been going flat out! The machine is getting a break today (and the studio for that matter for a good few days) as I have come down with the dreaded cold! I have been fighting this one off for a while, but it's a tough one! I hope you see something you like! Signing-off now for some ginger and honey smelling and a sleepy time nap with Paige over the lunch period.

- Jerry Red x

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