Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photo comp entries!

Wow they are all so beautiful! What beautiful babies out there besides my own! Thanks to everyone that entered, they are all so beautiful! I will blog a winner in the next few days.

 Also you may have noticed I just made 12 nappies go live to cart that were on preview. To every one that did not get a email this morning via my newsletter because you are not signed up to keep informed on stocking times, here is a update:

 My machine has been having some problems for the last week, and it is going in for another repair, (after just being repaired) so I could not get through the other 20 I have here waiting to be sewn up. I was going for a big stocking but realistically it would have been another 3 weeks to get them all done once my machine is repaired (I am looking at another week out of action) sooo I am not so keen on stock sitting on preview for that long, so I made them live tonight! Oh the positive, there will be one more stocking coming out before the end of the year! 

Any way enough of me rambling, and onto the exciting stuff!! How great are these entries, right? 

...Yvonne Douglass.... 1

                                                               ....Desiree Bridger....2

...Jess Bell...  3

.....Mel Baldwin.....  4



                                                               .......Candice Kretschmer......

                                                     .....Monique Dawson....7

                                                     .......Kimberly McArthur....8

.....Kass Cornish.....9

.....Sarah Baker.....10

.....Naomi Fair....11

Again thank you to all the entires! 
A big kiss to you ! 

Silly right?!? LOL Too many emails tonight, I have caught the "funnies" mood! ;) 

- Jerry Red x 

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