Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bare Rumps introduces drummmrrrooolll

The Thyla Pouch! 

The Thyla pouch, is a smaller fit Large, the size range is 9kg to 17kg.

I have spent 8 months refining this pattern, it started one late night after taking measurements from my daughter, then sketching, then drafting, and it fits my daughter like a glove, after many revamps. The larges are ready for sale for the March stocking ( Date unknown yet). The smalls and mediums and extra large are going through extensive testing for the next six to 8 months.

It is a trim fitting nappy and the most exciting part is that is still has the same absorbency that you have come to love from Bare Rumps nappies!

The name Thyla pouch comes from "Thyla" Thylacine, and Pouch, being the arms that the mother tiger carries her young, much the same as a kangaroo pouch.

I am going to put every person that entered the "Name my pattern competition" into some time this weekend when I get the chance, and draw a winner that way, there was just not one name that really stood out to me, so I have combined a few entries, thank-you for the inspiration! And thank-you for helping me name Bare Rumps's Pattern the Thyla pouch, owned and designed by Jerry Red.

I am sewing today in the studio, I have around 40 finished, getting to some creative designs this arvo. I dropped my Auction art exhibit nappy of at the space this morning, and the ladies are doing a fine job of curating down there.

I hope you love the design, and are willing to give it a crack come March when it is for sale.

- Jerry Red x


  1. Congratulations Jerry!! Looking forward to owing a new Bare Rump with a pattern as unique as the designs xx

  2. Awesome!! Finally there is a name! I suggested Thyla (but not the pouch part) Yay!