Sunday, February 5, 2012

"The Weld valley art exhibit"

Hi ladies!

This yr is just kicking off for me in 2012, the studio is in full swing, and "Weld Echo" is just around the bend.

 In preparation to this yrs entry, I have been getting some time away in the bush drawing inspiration, hitting the studio last night was a heap of fun working with ideas surrounding the "Weld".
 It IS my most favourite nappy made to date,
I have a strong attachment to this one!

"Weld Echo" is a collaborative exhibition of "Weld Valley" inspired work, the gallery is located in Salamanca arts centre in the Long gallery.
 It runs from the 17th till the 28th of Feb, so if your down this way, head on over some time and check out Bare Rumps nappies on display.

The work on display is in reference to a 10 yr community campaign to end the devastating effects of old growth logging in this South Tasmanian environment. The Weld Valley remains one of the most diverse and least exploited native environments in Tasmania.

6 yrs ago the community built a great big ship out of wood and tin in the middle of the access road. It was a direct action approach to stop the roads being put through the valley, giving access to eventually log, the ship while it lasted was quite a spectacular image, made out of wood and tin, mast and deck dwarfed by the towering trees above.

My theme is a response to the pirate ship, thinking it would be a rocking theme for a unisex theme nappy!

Name-The Forgotten land
Size-Large uni sex
Media- Minki, bamboo velour
Price-Auction item, to be held on my Facebook page, the night of the gallery Friday the 17th of Feb
100% donation charity item.

I just had a ball creating this design :)

The bamboo velour is created by a tie dye artist, that had been working with this medium for many yrs, his results are out standing, he has an exclusive contract to dye for BR nappies only Australia wide.

If you would like to own this very special OOAK Bare Rumps exhibit nappy please keep a look out for the auction night of the 17th of Feb, via my BR Facebook wall.

 Auction will go for 24 hours only
 Highest bidder wins the item.
 Shipping of platinum express post is included for Australia bidders, over seas bidders are expected to pay $10 on top of the final bidding price for there shipping of trackable post.
This is a 100% donation item and all the funds go to the Huon Valley environment centre for  funding future projects.

I will upload photos of the exhibition space on the night :)
- Jerry Red x

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