Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seconds Nappies Mark

From 2012 onwards all Bare Rumps nappies that are 'Seconds' will have a distinct marking on them that is impossible to remove.

The definition of a second nappy is always purely cosmetic, and never effects the performance of the nappy. A e.g is, top stitching not 100% straight, bobbin thread coming up in a very small area of the nappy/nappy embroidery, pattern cut a tad to small, all seconds when listed have the detail of why it is a second, photo's provided and offered at a discount.

 I am human and yes small mistakes happen from time to time, you should not come across to many of them, but when you do, from 2012 stock on-ways you will know now that it is a second if it has been sold/ passed on you 2nd hand, 3rd hand 4th hand even!

This is a fantastic way for you as a second hand buyer, as you know 100% what you are getting when it is listed, and it is fantastic for me as the maker, as it will keep my reputation to the high standard as some of my creations have been sold second hand and go through many owners, this eliminates any "Oh my Bare Rumps nappy is fine, but I have seen faulty ones". It's a win win situation for us both! Cool eh :)

SO, here is my Bare Rumps seconds mark.

A "S" for "seconds".

It is located on the left hand side of the nappy, and goes through the micro-fleece as well so it is impossible to remove, if it was removed,  you would know as there will be a hole in the micro-flecce.

What makes this nappy a second? The top panel is 1cm shorter than what my pattern is. Yep, thats all.

I estimate one in every 25 will have this mark and will be offered at a discount rate.

I will be putting this information on the website as well, so hopefully word get's out in the MCN community about my seconds mark, and what to look out for.

If you see ANY Bare Rumps nappies sold second hand with this mark, but it is not mentioned in the listing, you will know for sure it was bought as a discounted rate.

Chances are you will not see to many of them :)
Unless I down two bottles of wine this weekend and start sewing, JOKING!

- Jerry Red x