Monday, February 27, 2012

A nice little pile of fluffy goodness


 I kicked of in the studio this morning, my one Paige free day a week where the studio get undivided attention! But one slight problem.....

It's about as hot as a furnace around these parts right now!
 It hit 37 the last two days, which is unheard of on this little isle, a stone throw away from Antarctic waters.

So in all my hot bother I am taking the afternoon of to put together a blog of sneak previews of the next stocking, put up the feet and reflect on the moment of silence, us mums do not get to do that often, and take the time to update you all.

I am running behind a week on stocking.
I was struck down by a dreaded flu last week, and spent most of the time trying to get better with sage and honey tea, dried ginger, camomile with dragons blood waters. I have had a speedy recovery which is welcomed with open arms.  Paige was hard work, I must admit, they are the hardest times being a sole parent and sickness takes reins, not an inch of sewing was done, I did however manage to thread a few needles on my ebb machine.

 Paige knew I was sick and was trying her best,

"You K mumma"

 followed by

 "Ohhh comme ear"

Pulling me in for a big cuddle.
Like a little marsupial mammal finding comfort in a burrow.
She felt strong, this time I was the child for a split second, feeling her strong grasp.
Ah them small moments kept me going last week!

I am just starting on a few OOAK designs this week, which is always fun! I am enjoying my studio at night, my machines are playing nice, and things are coming along quite well. I really need to wrap up these designs and get onto the boosters though ;)

I have a few other designs on the table as well, but lets keep them a surprise ;)

- Jerry Red x

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