Friday, February 17, 2012

Opening night.

Well, that was a hoot!

Opening night.
Caught up with many old friends and met a few new ones, the space was full of buzzing creativity and a passionate driving force of spirit.
 Spirit to protect, spirit to stand strong for the protection of this pristine natural environment that is in the direct line of threat to clear fell logging, not selective logging, but miles of tree stumps bare earth and animal bones. It's ruthless. They leave nothing behind.

                                          (Styx Valley southern Tasmania)
 To have a voice.


                                                  ( The Weld Valley)

Some beautiful work!

Lots of them!
Must have been 200 odd creative cats, speeches, conversation, Tasmanian wine, and the usual gourmet spreads of fine dips.
Paige loved the space, wide eyed taking it all in, when we decided it was a wrap and walking back to our white chariot, she bent her head back and could see the fairy lights in the willow trees that line Salamanca place, "Stars mummy stars".. "Yes sweet heart, they are, stars just for you".

A few photos of the space once the crowds dispersed and I had more room to breath and take a few photographic images, please excuse the poor lighting, my camera is not built for flash photography.

If your Hobart bound, and down at Salamanca, worth popping in, the space will be open to the public for a few weeks, The Long Gallery is situated in the arts centre, next to the Peacock Theatre.

Your money is going to a wonderful cause, bid big!!
- Jerry Red x

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