Thursday, May 17, 2012

House keeping

Good morning cloth enthusiasts!

What a fantastic sunny side day we have here in Hobart town, I have finally fired up the ebb machine after finished up on all the pre order emails and combining postage from the ladies that have emailed me, if I find any other combined postage orders down the track I will automatically do them, if you need me to refund now, please shoot me a email so I can get this under way for you. 

I have been getting up at 5.00am to get to these emails before Paige wakes up, so I have some time to focus, which has left me only now starting to crank the ebb machine up, It is allot of behind work, and have decided to only offer DD (Direct Deposit) from now on with all future stockings, it does cost me money to refund, and I get ALLOT of separate orders and then get asked to combine. I do under stand why, as ladies do not want to miss out on nappies, and check out a few times, but puts me in a compromised position. Lots of other small business's do not combine postage if two separate orders take place due to the shear man hours it takes to conduct all this. I see why now and like where you want me to be "in the studio" so do I, not all day on my email, I will never get any nappies made! LOL

 Direct Deposit is the only option from now on, and I will still combine for you, just not get slogged the fees for doing so. Please in future though, it's really easy to add a few items to your cart and check them all out together, it only takes a second, and I will really really appreciate it. I know from my website I could potentially look like quite a big established well earning business, but I can assure you I am not, I have a sewing machine or two in my studio, I do all the sewing myself, this is a passion of mine with a ABN number. The time I put in I am still yet to pull out something half decent on paper so the Pay Pal fees and refunding fees in general are just not working for us. Us I mean my family, me and my daughter Paige Red. 

Any over seas customers in future will have to choice either "local pick up" or "payment in advance" so I have your postal details, then I will correspond via email for an invoice and PP details for payment. 

I appreciate your understanding on this matter. 

Now! How crazy was that listing! I have heaps of work on and flat out in the studio at nights, 15th of July is the forcast on stock being sent as a group bunch, I will have to take a photo me swimming in them all! After they are sent I will then be on break for 8weeks. So if you do not have an order from me from the last pre orders, sorry to say but nothing will be listed for another 4 months but I will be making some appearances at some places around the traps with a few nappies for sale that I will let you know of on my fan page, when they come up, plus a few auctions will pop up on my page. After the 4 months though, good news I will be doing in stock, and custom slot releases only, so back to fast postage on nappies! 

I log of on Friday arvo's now and are back on line Mondays, and am on line in the mornings through the week till noon can always catch me then. 

I know this blog is not so exciting, but it's all info that I need to clear up before it gets really quiet on my fan page and blog (which is for the next 16 weeks). 

A big thank-you to all the ladies that carted on the Tuesday lunch time, and that went into the night, I am still so blown away by how word has spread and I have a few thousand fans now, and a few of you are wanting my designs! Thats such a great feeling, you have no idea, I am very lucky to be blessed with motivation and with fantastic customers. 

When I was a cloth-ing my baby, I never really knew my designs were going to get so detailed, I knew I have it in me as far as sewing skills from yrs ago, and an arts degree/ full life /worth of ideas, I was willing to give it a crack if it could keep me home more with my baby, and create a good design I was looking for in a nappy, but I never imagined the support, drive and love, I have found for Bare Rumps.

Have a lovely winter yal, and only a email away if you need advice on your Bare Rumps Nappies. 

- JR x

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  1. Hi Jerry,
    Just wanted to say I really have enjoyed watching your business grow. And I personally always love your blog, you word things very nicely.

    Enjoy your break and I (as ALOT of others do)look forward to seeing some lovely nappies in September and onwards.

    Take care, Amy-Dawn