Sunday, May 6, 2012

Winner and more winners!

I know it's Sunday! 
Not Monday like I said when to keep a eye out on the blog!

Truth be told, I figure my daughter has fallen asleep on the couch (very rare occasion these days) so I best muster up all my powers while that lovely silence over takes the home, whip up this blog as with my bad spelling/editing/grammar it can take me quite some time to get these blogs right 'and they are never right even with all the editing' LOL! Proud self proclaimed bad english interpretation procrastination writer here. (That did not make sense did it? Hum maybe a few of you got it!) Hey we all have our strong points, just leave me to making the nappies! 

Monday I am flat out in the studio and want to dedicate the whole day in the studio sewing, as I have quite allot going on at the moment as far as projects, so this is a perfect time to update you all. 

 I know a few of you are thinking Jerry why are you on line!
 Well to be frankly honest with you, it's quite a isolating experience raising young children without the net plus I am a net junkie.

 I figured out a good medium to the whole "draw a line between WAHM and family" is no business email replies on the weekend, I can still be sewing weekend wise (dear me I need to be) for my own sense of self while being a mum is satisfying in it's self, as a artist it's trying to find the happy medium where all parts of myself are satisfied, so that usually means lots of very late nights, mum during the day and studio at night. As well as nappies this weekend I have been working on a few painting projects for Paige's room. 

Well you know some of my blogs tend to turn into a bit if a dear diary, so I will stop rambling and get to the exciting stuff! 

First on the agenda- Gossamer Dreams Collective! I am a WAHM guest for this month! What a pleasure to be apart of such a fantastic collective of creative ladies, what a honour! This month's theme is Unity, and my contribution and inspiration behind the theme "Unity" explores day/night, twins, intwinement, Tree of life, and explores a more spiritual side to uniting as one for planet earth.

The items will go live on the Gossamer website  on the night of the 15th, at 8.00am East time, and previews will be up 24hours before. Mark it in your calendar! 

First winner pulled out her winning entry due to personal reasons, 
So the winner then falls to the second winner via random. org, I collected the numbers via the babies album on my FB page- 41 entries in no set order. 

                                              And we got! Shay! The baby line up! 

                     I just know Shay is going to be wrapped! So spread the word to her! 

           Shay is going home with a BR custom to the value of $120! Putting into consideration the first winners entry was invalid so that value goes to Shay's custom!  

Now to all the rest of the lovely ladies that entered.... 
I really appreciate your entries, I know as a mum how time poor some days can be so your effort has not been unnoticed, some sweet, adorable, frightful, and then some down right funny entries which I had some really good belly laughs and hope you did to :) 


You are all invited to join This group the onus is on you to join, I am not emailing every one, again friends of entry participants please spread the word! You are all going to be given that exclusive password to my store ONCE, that you can use at ANY future restock via my website! ONLY request to join the group if you have entered in the photo comp running from 3rd of April, to the 3rd of May, read the 'About information'  request to join and even say hello! I will catch up with you all over that way! Cool eh ;) 

Also if you do not get my news letters you can always find out here   where I am in the studio, as far as releasing custom slots/ pre orders/ in-house stock/ to the public. I update that page all the time. 

Well thats a wrap!

 I can see little miss a stirring and I want get a bit more of this extreme I am working on a little bit more refined. 

- JR  

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