Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello fello nappy addicts!

 Just wanted to touch bace, as to fill you in on some updates, had a pretty whopper wisdom teeth extraction two weeks ago, and been on best rest, I sent out a bulk email as well a few weeks back regarding slight delays, so I think it's pretty common knowledge by now (we know what wild fire this on line nappy business is!) And hope the word got out!

As a few are waiting on the pre orders being posted, two weeks late to be exact. Hang on.. I do not know why I feel the urge to tell you all this, the whole world on my blog that I am late with orders!! I guess I was a nappy buyer for quite some time before stumbling upon becoming a maker, and we just want to be keep in the loop really. So sorry if you have heard this before and your thinking...
 s h u t u p J e r r y..
Or if you did not snag anything from the last pre order stocking and your thinking I do not really care woman...!!!
BUT there is that small chance someone snagged from the pre order that did not get my news letter email, is not friends with me on face book (I update often studio doings on that wall feel free to shoot me a request!) and is at home thinking where in the bleep are my nappies!
 See I knew there was logic to doing this blog.

 So my update goes like this.

Getting stuck into work again today slow and steady, should be pretty fast pasted around here next week in the studio. Nearly all pre order nappies are done now, just have around 7 left to ebb and sew up which is why I am blogging at 1.ooam in the morning! Tin man and friends is busy coming to life before my very eyes.

Next week onto the customs, which I have ideas flowing, and my sketch book was filled via on bed rest. Oh dear I hope a few of the "lucky dip" custom owners are open minded! Hey I was on strong pain meds last week blame the crazy designs on influence! ;) Na... Nothing to worry about, I am sure I can tweet a few of the designs if they are to far out! That or palm them of to some parents that grew up in the 70s ;) I think I could almost design a nappy with a unicorn farting a rainbow spray and just get away with it to still fly of the shelves ;)

Sorry I have been quiet at late and not my self, just been trying to do my best get better and be a good mummy to! Which to be frankly honest has been tough single handed trying to be on bed rest (pretty savage extraction) trying not to stress about orders, and make dinners and deal with tantrums from a old Leo young lady. Been one of the most testing months of I could say my days from Paige's birth... To be honest I am still feeling pretty lousy, I have a post op infection so thats slowing my recovery down a tad.

I have around 10 emails to get to through the week, they are all custom design emails, and will get to them with replying as I get to each custom, might even shoot a buzz on the phone as thats working pretty good time wise for me at the moment. Just cannot get to them in one hit like I usually do.

Oh and while I am here, the 6 smalls from the pre order I have automatically made a range of mediums in the same design if you need the size upgrade and will email you closer to the 30th to find out your choice.  We know how fast these bubs grow eh. Saves you emailing me :)

Guess what the end of this blog is saying is, I try not to get the old  "I burnt my brecky" Or "my kid is really sick" spiel on my business page.

"My Cats Memphis and Cairo coughed up a hair ball each and I found a paper clip in one of them", kinda post,

lets face it.

I cannot stand seeing it in my news feed! So I try not to do it over on my wall.

But just wanted to let you know why my page has kinda been like a mini ghost town, I am still looking at the stats thought... I see a few people still pop in to look at the gallery! I call them the die hard nappy addicts, You know who you are! It's 12.30am and you have done your rounds of your fav makers before bed. BLESS! I love that. 

 So I figure if you have gotten this far through this blog then I would like to say with my whole heart-  Thank-you for all  for the understanding through this rough patch for me, your emails, and messages of getting well are truly astounding, some really good people in this cloth community which I am proud to be apart of, the next upload of photos will be pretty cool to spy a huge lot of funky BR nappies and I can show you all my work from the past 8 weeks. Well six really, got a big week ahead of me for the next one.

Apologies on the grammar, it is 1.40am now and ready to hit the sack, but more so I am not really that great at it either. Shrugs. 

Oh a little fairy I made this morning, she was a little bright light that fluttered a light on, quite early to I might add.... Lucky she was cute enough not to swat away.

- x JR

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  1. Oh she is beautiful! I'm sorry you had a bad jag with your teeth....but hey if this is what you come up with during enforced!

    Looking forward to getting our pre order:-D
    x keep the balance :)