Thursday, July 26, 2012

Unicorn farting a rainbow! Comes with unicorn poop!

I have often pondered the thought of the origin of rainbows, and this is the only logic explanation in the civilised world of light, laughter, and drumrollllll...Magic!!!

This cute and quirky limited edition comes with a complimentary unicorn poop! 

This could possibly be the only time you ever enjoy opening up a nappy to see a fresh poop! And it even smells sooo good!! Kinda like a vanilla and buttercream icecream. 

Idea brain child is Jerry Red, and special thanks to the creative director of the unicorn poop is Elaine W, these poops are a decoration and not to be consumed they are in-fact rock hard, and while made of eatable material, I do not recommend it... At all.... Well, we have done stranger things, I hold no responsibility if you break your teeth if for the most oddest of oddest you decide you want to eat a unicorn poop. Na but seriously. don't eat them. 

Info from Elaine- Quote- The poos were made and stored in a food safe environment so hypothetically they could be used on top of a cake, 

They are made of satin ice fondant, it's primarily sugar and corn syrup. And yes they smell because they were vanilla flavour and buttercream. Yummmoo

Different colored pearl luster dusts give it the shimmer, which is edible, edible sugar flower glue used to stick on food safe non- toxic glitter. The stars are not edible but also stuck on with sugar flower glue 

So hypothetically if u took the stars off you could eat the whole poo - although I wouldn't recommend it as you would probably break your teeth and it would just be a mouthful of sugar hahahaha. 

Please note- This is not a toy for a small child, they may look bright and pretty to a child, but not my intention for them, they are a ornament for you, so put them somewhere high and safe (I have mine blue-tacked to the upper half of the fridge) put your poop somewhere to remind you of light and laughter!
I mean come on!
It's unicorn poop!
It's bound to make you smile every time you walk past it.
It's my gift to you.  

They will go live on the website in the next few weeks, once I have my current work log posted! I will shoot out a newsletter when they go live :) They are a size large Thyla pouch Pattern BR, topped with hand dyed bamboo velour. 

I had such a great time creating these little babies, and they are dedicated to all rainbow and unicorn lovers out in the world..You know who you are....Oh and to you smelly Mel....... 

Well thats my lunch break over, busy in the studio today in-between being a busy mum.

Lots of bright rainbow sparkly farting unicorn spray! 

-JR x 


  1. Will you ship internationally =) I'm begging <3 and I'll pay the difference!

  2. I ship world wide!! If you nab one from the website, just go with payment in advance and I will email you PP dets, and shipping invoice. Good luck Pixie :) -JR