Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Testers needed for Thyla Pouch pattern for 3yrs to 6 yrs. Day testers needed.

Super excited!

I have designed an XL Thyla Pouch pattern cloth nappy.

The nappy fits my daughter like a glove so far (Paige was the TP Large model inspiration, fit wize) and this drafting for the XL is coming at a great time for us as Paige is on the second last snaps on TP, and I need to sort her night cloth'n....
 What do I do? 
Start designing a bomb-proof night nappy of course!!!

 About the XL Thyla Pouch:

My idea is to have on the market an XL for day use for very large children, children with special needs, and late TT (Toilet training). This TP nappy also is a night nappy for the same age bracket, with the right boosters that are sold separately.

The night boosters with the nappy will be local testers, with one interstate, local is good for me, I get a hands on idea of the fit of the nappy, and cuppa and chat with the mum face to face. The nappy will need tweaking naturally.

What help I do need now and through this blog: I am hoping to find a child 3 and over (pref around 5) that has special needs and is in nappies full time, so I can test both days and nights in one tester. I will be requiring a dedicated phone conversation for feed back, and also the cover of material costs + post (minus my time it takes to create the nappy). If you think you can help me out, please comment on this blog, with:

Your name-
Child's Age-
Child's Weight-
And a short description of how many you use per day and if you use cloth or disposables.
I will check out the comments and kindly ask one that suits my requirements to contact me via email. 

The plan is to open slots to cart, next yr listing work horse sets of six in the XL 3yr old to 6ys old, even though work horses are not my "specialty" I am really keen to offer then for the Mums that have a child in nappies 24/7. I can not imagine the size of the bills for disposables and am really keen to help out by providing a really well-tested XL Thyla Pouch minki nappies that do not require a cover, and that will not break the bank but most importantly, work.

The XL will also be avaliable for poppin designer nappies with extra option to buy the night boosters, as well as a few work horses listed around the parts.
So far I am testing 14 layers of absorbency with room to move up a few more pending testing.

Exciting stuff right!

Here is my XL Thyla Pouch in action with the night booster this arvo on my daughter Paige (she just turned 3 yr old).
She is very tall light 15kg child, she wears it on the tightest snaps, it has 6 snaps and very long wings, with tummy elastic.

                                                               (I like big butts!)

I am determined to make a good night nappy for toddlers!!
 As soon as I feel like I have cracked the nut, they will be available on the market :) Rubs hands together.......

The Medium Thyla pouch is nearly finished testing from out side sources! Wicked!

I have also decided to can the small's in a Thyla pouch, and newborns at this stage, my speciality is designer cloth, and I feel I just cannot work with that size for a good landscape creation, plus babies grow out of them to fast!

Having Paige bed share for two and half yr's full time, and with me now half the time really has made me want good boosters, EKK my bed!!!

 My philosophy on cloth is "Thirsty boosters make the nappies!" "Who needs a umbrella grab a BR booster!" "boosters packed with punch POW POW!".

 I just may be able to have faith in my heavy wetter child to create a good XL 3 to 6 yr old night nappy with your help!  (I will do a shout out for local testers for the nights once I make a few up).

Having a week of was fantastic, I feel great.
The new machine "PFAFF Creative sensation" dubbed "The Baron" is helping.
Wednesdays are my one day a week dedicated to loading images/ sending receiving email/ being on line so you can always catch up on a Wed.

Look forward to seeing if I can get some help to give some help with some children with special day cloth'n requirements.

-JR x


  1. Your name- Rhiannon son is Aiden
    Age- 4
    Weight- 16/17kg
    We use disposables purely because I have such a hard time finding large nappies. Aiden has autism and has no interest in TT. I go through 8 nappies a day with him.

  2. I'm sure you will get many applicants Jerry but in case you are short I'm sure Flynn would love to help out. Whilst he isn't in the age range at only 2.5 he is a stocky build and 17kg. Changing saturated nappies 3 hourly during the day and have only just found a night nappy that is damp but not leaking when worn overnight. I'm interstate from you too.

  3. Fionna - my daughter Gemma isn't 3 until December but is very tall and nearly 17kgs, she looks atleast 3! We use cloth full time and usually use around 6 per day, that's including a night nappy. Would love to test out a bigger size nappy!

  4. Hey Jerry :)

    Whilst Freya is nowhere near the age you're after, she has outgrown almost every large nappy I've gotten my hands on.. She's on the last snaps in her TP (*cry*) so if you need a younger but large shaped bubs to try it on, we're happy to help!
    She is 23m (tomorrow! Eeep!) 14.5kg and we are full time cloth :)Normally 4-5 day nappies and a night nappy :) So 5-6 a day :)

  5. Bell
    almost 3 (Jan 10)
    about 12kgs
    We use about 3 side snap pockets during the day (with tri fold bamboo boosters) and a fitted and woolies over night. all nappies are always soaked.

  6. Louise- my daughter olisha is 2.5 but is in size 3-4 clothing, weight 17kg she goes through about 6-8 nappies a day and out wees every night nappy we own.