Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank you! To all the peeps that carted extreme customs today!

Wow what an action packed day/night on my website inbox, just as I am getting to zero order status, I am full again! 

Well.. not so full as the last few months!

I am super excited about this listing while I take a cog back because it means I now own a PFAFF sensation! Apologies to all that experienced " Paypal is not available at this time" or "my cart contains invalid items". My webby was really playing silly buggers with me today/ tonight.

 This dream machine is my ultimate desire, so much more than a dream date with Edward out of the "Twilight" saga. Can you believe it!.... BUT... I have decided that I am worthy of working on only the best machine available on the market, the stitch choices are seriously out of this world along with "raised 3D" effect on embroidering!! So please know to all, IF YOU have carted today/tonight, your money is not only going to the machine that is going to make BR bigger and better, but your customs are going to seriously POP!!

 Geee! Tempting to go for a body make over instead of the PFAFF,  hey cut me some slack here, I have given birth! These puppies are not what they use to be (I hope to rustle up a few mumma laughs here) and while yes... it is tempting, not even that would de-tour me from my hunk of metal that is the "Sensation". Droooolllll....

  Na jokes aside..... I am seriously over the moon to pick up my dream machine, it will make my heart beat faster (if that's possible) and fonder... Gives me space to really enjoy my break and my creative outlet that will be poured into your "Dream Extreme" customs over the next 3 months.

I have an estimate of making two a week, which leaves me freedom to really get stuck into them design wise and enjoy them, wholehearted!! Weeee bonus for both of us these customs are going to be gorg!!

They will be all posted off as a group, sending on the 22nd of Nov. Keep your eye on the BR facebook page around the 20th for all the uploading action!

I will contact each custom holder as I am ready to do them, and either hold a consultation via email, or better  via phone, so in the meantime, get cracking on ideas to throw at me wholehearted when my email hits your inbox!

Here is an adoring snap of my new machine, gah! Is she not a babe? How a grown woman can crumple at the sight of metal beats me!

Till then I am only on email once a week to sort designs/ emails/ phone calls for these custom ideas, and answer any emails if they present them selves via inquiry, so if I am not on line like lightning speed know that I am enjoying my next three months chilled style pottering away with designs in the studio, and having a break from the hustle and bustle of the beautiful world that is WWW (world of web).

Till later in the yr, a truck load of farting unicorn rainbow loveliness to you all....

Last custom slots are coming up in ten min- here scroll down down down! Until you see the listings!!!


-JR x

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