Monday, May 2, 2011

Bushka (grandmother in German)

Wow! It's been a while from my last blog. I blog usually every four days or so. To be honest, it's been a massive month under the Bare Rumps roof.

My beloved 7 year old pure-breed British Blue cat, "Bushka", went missing around two weeks ago, and has not returned.

We moved from a large house around 6 months ago, where she had always been a indoor cat, and moving into the heart of the city in quite a small inner city dwelling it just did not feel right having her inside 24/7, so gave her freedom.

She loved being outside! She found other mates around the 'hood to play with, and I bought her a lovely collar with stuff written on it like:

 "B.F to Jerry Red" (Best friend)
"I am not hungry I am friendly"
 and the most important one
"I live 5m that way > "

I busted a man trying to put her into there car a few days before she went missing ... Boy did I let it rip ...
I just hope she is happy were she is .....

This explains why my blog has been neglected at late - I have been pretty sad!

But it has not stopped me in the studio, My favourite album this month has been the soundtrack to "Donny Darko" late at night, and a flood of memories with "Tracey Chapman" while Paige has her day sleep and I get to sneak into the studio.

It was a perfect day today for photography, so I got very busy and crafty with the camera and will slowly start to upload all my images tonight in ready for the Mother's Day stocking - which I think is very cute that my stocking falls on such a special day. I lost my mother when I was 12 yrs old, so to be doing something so productive on my behalf on Mothers Day suits the day to a "T", also it's Mother's Day! So no better time to be receiving something nice for your self - oops! I mean your daughter or son!

My favorite work to date is up for nabbing, It is the large boys "Southern lights (Aurora)". It came out so divine. It's a nice feeling when you have a vision and it comes to fruition.

Here is the last photo Bushka. She snuck into our room and cuddled up with the toys - totally busted! She knows she is not allowed in our room and hardly ever tries, so I had to snap a photo of her naughtiness. Many nights Bushka would sit at the door of my studio wanting to get in on the action, but being the good cat she was would never come in...

Bless you, Bushka!!!

I hope you are getting hand fed Tassie Salmon ( I bet you are) because you're that kinda girl!!!

If you got this far, thank you for listening.

Jerry Red xox


  1. I read the whole thing. It still makes me sad that she is gone for you. I look forward to the stocking Jerry. What a hard month you have had. Much love xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful Bushka going missing - I had a similar experience when my super friendly Burmese cat "Guru" disappeared without a trace.... I know someone took him because he was such a friendly boy. I grieved for a long time and kept looking for him until I just let go. It was hard.... May you channel all the love you feel for him into your beautiful creations. X

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that your cat has gone missing. They become such a part of your family, it becomes hard to imagine life without them. I hope that she comes home soon or that she is happy and being looked after wherever she is.