Saturday, May 7, 2011

*PLEASE READ* If you are going for a BR Nappy on Sunday night...

Welcome to Bare Rumps 3rd Stocking - and most importantly - Happy Mother's Day!

A few key points to cover so you are all "in the know" for my stocking to run smoothly for you.

One hour before items are ready to cart you will not be able to access the shop section. It will be password protected whilst I am making the items go live.

As soon as I say "go shopping" via my Facebook page, the shop will then be open to cart the items you want. It can be a 5 min either side of 8:00pm (Tas time) as whilst I do aim for 8 on the dot, there is a little lee-way for my sake, hence please be around on my Facebook page at this time as I cannot promise 8:00pm on the dot.

Refresh on my FB page NOT my website.

When you add a item to your cart, the cart will appear on the very top of the page on the LEFT hand side so if you are carting something down the bottom, be sure to RACE up to the top to proceed to check out, even from the very bottom you can still get to the top in a micro-second. Perhaps have a practice run.

**** Times for Sunday night's stocking ****

TAS - 8:00 pm
A.C.T -8:00 pm
N.S.W- 8:00 pm
VIC - 8:00 pm
QLD -8:00 pm
S.A - 7:30 pm
N.T - 7:30 pm
W.A - 6:00 pm

It is first to check out NOT first to cart, which means first to complete the check-out process (entering all your postage details, etc.)

If you have an item in your cart and you go to check-out and it says ERROR and redirects you to my site, it means someone had quicker fingers and got the nappy out of the check-out process faster. I can guarantee no money would have been taken out of your paypal account as my cart does not oversell...

*I have a policy of 2 nappies per person (a TOAK set is regarded as one nappy) and for those who breach the policy, the order will be cancelled, returned to stock and any money paid refunded.*

This does not include Auction items as I regard these as a separate sale .

ONE Hyena per person only please, so your self AND your Hyena can go for the same nappy to double your chances, but please respect my wishes of no more than one - let's give everyone a fair chance at the more sought-after nappies.

Payment option: Paypal, direct deposit, or option for local pick up if you live in Hobart - I am more than happy to meet up and have a cuppa in North Hobart and handdeliver you nappy - I love meeting my customers!

Now this month I have decided to do something a little different and hide 3 items in my website!

We can have a bit of fun as well as bring a bit of  "luck and wit" into nabbing some of the more popular nappies  - it's not just about having a fast internet speed! I will be giving clues to their location, a few hours before I announce go shopping.

Please take your self on a "tour" of my website in the next 24 hours, as there are many off-shoots of links to information, and on the way you might even learn something new about Bare Rumps nappies.

I hope I covered everything. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook, or my email through the contact box via my website or my FB page.

Happy Mother's Day ladies! I hope you all have a beautiful time connecting with your loved ones in the morning and I will see some of you in the night for the stocking!

Jerry Red xx

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