Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy days!

    • BR brainchild touching base from the sunny Cook island's 5 star resort, it's a lovely 25 degree's here and there are wild native men dancing for me.

      OK... Lets get a more realistic picture, take two!

      My tiny backyard, with our $25 blow up swimming pool, sweltering 30 degree's (hey - be easy on me - I am nearly Tasmanian!) The wild mini half-naked native child is happily splashing around learning to swim in 4 inches of water, while mum is sinking a cold Corona brew or two in one hand and a fly swat in the other, sporting a wide brim hat without a care in the world! Well maybe one or two cares, but that can be addressed at a later date because at this very moment...


      I am on break!

      I got my automatic snaps press set up today. The thing looks like it came out of a World War I Russian factory (Thanks for the description Cobi - pretty spot on!) It's a crazy looking machine! No more man's hands for me!

      I am back in the studio 4th of Feb. and working through 'til March, going for a good public stocking. I have been so wrapped up in custom orders the last 6 months it has not given much room for stockings. BUT thats all changing this year!

      Wicked news:

      I will be releasing my own nappy pattern! Eeek! I hope you all love it! It's fitted to my daughter, as that's what most pattern-makers do right? My daughter is tall and slender, I have though made good adjustments for it to fit a wide range of toddling toddlers!

      The larges are ready to go, they have been tested on Paige and also one other toddler that resides local for 5 months now with quite a few adjustments along the way. The mediums and smalls are what I have been working on and am currently adjusting. They are still going to need a good 5 months testing, and just starting that process now. So at this stage, only the larges are going to be going on sale for the first half of the year. So keep an eye on them come early March!

      All the nappy pattern name ideas have just been fantastic!

      I had a little look last night, and there are two entries I would like to merge together. Not too late to get your names in still! I Will announce the pattern name at a later date - when everything goes on preview via the website a few days early of stocking night.

      Hope you all had a blast New Year's Eve - I myself had a surprisingly quiet one and enjoyed the fireworks with my Little Miss Moonshine. 

      Now seriously, "J.R", time to get off the computer! It's hard dragging your self away from work you cannot seem to put at the back of your mind...Working on that!

      Touch base really soon, nappy bandits!

      - Jerry Red x 


  1. Haha glad you liked my description :) what's his name?
    Enjoy your break and live every moment with your daughter in the beautiful weather :)
    Look forward to seeing your work later in the new year.

  2. Oh yes I forgot to mention - I called him "Rodger Ramjet" aka as in Rodger rammed that snap!

    I am a dork! >.<

    Thanks Cobi, look forward to getting back in the studio once I am all lazyed out.