Monday, July 30, 2012

Bare Rumps expands, more so gets some helping hands!

 Bare Rumps has been around for nearly two years of selling now (six months before that of testing my product), and boy what a journey it's been! I started off by blogging and sharing my journey, which I will always continue to do. You may even find some of the very first nappies and testers from way back when in this little story book over here, called the Bare Rumps blog. It was a baby tadpole and a tad native, that nativeness is such a beautiful thing when I reflect back on my first posts... Because I guess the excitement was infectious and comes from such heart. Life is just one big work in progress, and my training wheels are only now coming off.

I have breast fed my baby in one hand, while ordering and sourcing material products with the other, gotten up at 5:00am to answer emails before my daughter woke, just so I could have time to concentrate early and fresh, I have and do most nights, stay awake until 1am... 2am sewing beautiful cloth and drawing/dreaming ideas to create beautiful OOAK designs that I happen to put on cloth nappies. 

It's been such a big journey for me and I am getting to the point now where I need help. And to be honest, it's been a big journey emotionally to let myself get help. It's something us single mums really need to learn how to be better at.

I need help with the sewing. 

I have decided to outsorce my booster design, now they will have been made off-shore in an ethical garnment factory. It is still the same fantastic design, quality material product, and they look exactly the same. The only difference is that the over-locking is nice and tight, so it will wash up much better for years to come. I figure that all my creativity is poured into the actual nappy itself, and that the only creativity in the booster itself is because it's my design LOL! So I can "creatively" afford to hand this job to someone else and focus on my outers. I will still be making the rainbow velour-topped booster at home though, no way I am sending of that precious stuff for someone else to cut! 

This gives me a bit more freedom, freedom to make more nappies for my customers with less stress, a quicker turnover, freedom to spend more time with my daughter, to play in the park that little bit longer with her and not worrying about the time it's going to take to get through that mountain of boosters at night, then waking at 6.30am the next day with little. When my daughter was a baby and I was creating it was much easier time-wise, she is turning 3 soon, and frankly she is hard work, and needs my energy. So outsourcing my boosters is the decision I have made that is best for my family. 

This is a step I had to make if I wanted Bare Rumps Nappies to be a sustainable journey of mine. I looked into hiring an Australian factory, and it really did not work out finaclally for me, I already receive a undercut hourly rate, and just could not afford to pay the Australian wages. I guess I came to a crossroad of some sort.. And it was either work again full time in the arts, outside my home, or stay at home and create beautiful nappies for beautiful babies. I chose the latter coz let's face it, I want to spend as much time with my daughter while she is a young child and also give a fantastic product. I feel now, I have only just perfected my pattern, and the quality of my work to a high standard and I want to keep going. 

 I enjoy my work, my customers, and this community. I still have a million OOAK designs in my head, the drive and passion for this business and I do not want to give up for being a better word of being "over worked".
 This step helps take a small weight of workload off me, which in turn makes me a better, more efficient person in the studio. 

This is a subject in which I want my customers to be aware of, I believe in honesty and integrity being a huge part in business and in life. I have never pretended to be something I am not, nor am I going to start now by "accidentally not mentioning it". 

All nappies that will be posted in the future from today onwards, the boosters are outsourced, again, you would not even know if I did not tell you as far as design and quality, they are great boosters because hey! I designed them to hold potentially up for 4 to 5 hours! I am not saying to ever leave them on that long, but it's a good, OK GREAT thing to know that when you leave the house in a cloth nappy they are not going to leak. Thats why I made them built to take on the heavy wetters, good boosters make good cloth nappies in my mind's eye. No use having a pretty if it is not packed with punch. 

 I hope you still are inclined to follow and support my journey that is Bare Rumps -The modern cloth and understand why I am doing this. Even though it is not a 100% hand made product from me alone, you are still supporting me being a WAHM, and that I am still making the actual nappy 100% on my own and that the booster is my design. Maybe even let out a "yeee haaaa" girl (like Jesse does in the Toy Story movie), you deserve to take a bit of workload off your plate, that would be super cool for me.

I am excited about the future!!

 If you feel you need to email me about this subject for what ever reason, please contact me via my 'contact me' tab to create a converation. 

- JR  

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